What is the journey that our seaweed undergo from the sea to the plate?


Step 1: I sea harvest​

Himanthalia elongata, the seaweed that we use for our I sea pasta, has a growth cycle of two years. Moreover, we harvest it in a short period for the best quality: between April and July. We only harvest small portions of a bay (patchy harvesting) to preserve the ecosystem.


Step 2: Washing and drying​

After harvesting we wash the seaweed with fresh water. Then we dry the seaweed in a drying chamber to make it ready for storage and packaging. We make sure to clean the seaweed of any impurities. The seaweed is dried at low temperature to maintain all nutrients and the preserve the natural taste! Last but not least, samples are taken for quality control.


Step 3: Storage​

The seaweed is stored in our warehouses under optimal conditions to guarantee the freshness.


Step 4: Packaging​

The seaweed is transported to the packer. At the packer the seaweed is split up in small portions and each portion is put into its recognisable blue/pink package. We also do the final quality check before the product is sent to the client.


Step 5: Order​

The last step is (as you probably would have guessed) the order. When we receive a new order, it is dispatched from the warehouse to the supermarket or to your home.

i sea vongole - fan box

and it finally goes to your plate!

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