I sea falafel Wrap

1) Ingredients

  • I sea wrap
  • 1 pack Falafel
  • Paprika paste (like Ajvar – can’t find it? Use regular humus or another vegetable spread)
  • 1 pack raw shredded carrot
  • ½ cucumber
  • Handful of cherry tomatoes

Toppings: fresh mint, chili sauce

Non-vegan additions: yoghurt sauce or garlic sauce, feta cheese


2) Preparation

  1. Cut the cucumber into cubes and cut cherry tomatoes in half
  2. fry falafel in a pan with oil until they’re warm and a bit browner
  3. spread a thin layer of Ajvar on the wrap
  4. put a line of raw vegetables and 2-3 falafel down the middle of the wrap
  5. top with mint and sauce to taste, add salt and pepper to taste

3) Ready to roll!


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