I sea tuna and egg salad wraps

By Kim and Sofie @foodiesuitzeelandĀ 

Kim and Sofie@foodiesuitzeeland
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"We are big fans of the seaweed wraps. They are affordable, quick and delicious to make and share or as a meal for yourself."
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Ingredients (for 4 people)

– 1 pack of seamore’s seaweed wraps (4 wraps)

Egg saladĀ 
– 4 eggs
– 100 g of cottage cheese
– Pepper
– Salt
– Paprika powder
– Dill

Tuna saladĀ 
– 160 g of water-based tuna
– 100 g of cottage cheese
– 2 tsp of ketchup
– 1 tsp of capers
– 5 finely chopped pickles
– Handful of cherry tomatoes
– Salt
– Pepper



Egg salad
– Boil the eggs hard in a pan with
– Cut the eggs into pieces
– Add the cottage cheese and
the spices, mix everything together and you’re done!

Tuna salad
– Add the tuna, cottage cheese andĀ spices into a bowl
– Cut the pickles
– Add the ketchup and mix everything together!Ā 

Now you can fill the wraps with the salads, 2 with the tuna, 2 with the egg-based salad. Enjoy !šŸ’š

You need the following product to prepare this dish:

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