Sales & Business Development Internship

Seamore might just be Europe’s coolest food startup. Our small company has managed to do what no one has done before: to get (normal) people to eat seaweed. We started off with our by now iconic products: I sea pasta (a seaweed which looks like and tastes like…tagliatelle!) and I sea bacon (a seaweed which turns into green bacon when fried). In 2018 we launched a game changer: I sea wraps! Made with 50% super sea vegetable, it’s the world’s 1st seaweed wrap. The ultimate way to enjoy seaweed!

SEA the challenge

As our sales intern, you will be in charge of getting our products on the menu of the trendiest restaurant chains across Europe. You are the one to select them, research them, study their menu, contact them, visit them, make them enthusiastic, and then, boom!, put seaweed on their menu and turn them into their bestseller!

You’ll work closely with Angela (Sales) to make propositions your prospects cannot refuse. You’ll collaborate with the Marketing team to make your proposals mind-blowing, and to give publicity to those who get on board! Next stop is… Riccardo (Operations)! He will help you making sure your clients get what they need and when they need it. Last but not least, don’t forget to give Willem (R&D) your input on the best price and product mix.12: awards for taste, innovation and sustainability

SEA who you are
  • Passion to sell.
  • Persistence and a spirit of never giving up!
  • Experience and understanding for B2B communication.
  • Capability to convince (sometimes) old-fashioned buyers of our innovative products – negotiate your heart out.
  • Experience with Excel is a must.
  • Bonus CRM tool knowledge (we use Hubspot )
  • Structured and organized way of working – not to miss any opportunities!
  • Analytic capabilities to analyse sales data and learn from it.
  • Self-starter, independent, never afraid to ask questions when necessary.
  • Very good understanding of English, bonus for other languages.
  • A self-starter and independent worker who knows when to ask questions.


SEA what you need

  • Minimum of 5 months available.
  • Start as soon as possible.
  • Located in Amsterdam
To apply for this position, send an email to [email protected] ; don´t forget to attach your CV and cover letter.