Product Developer

Seamore might just be Europe’s hottest (or coolest) food startup, as we are turning seaweed into an everyday food. Why? Because it’s tasty, our planet’s original superfood and the most sustainable food available to man. By presenting seaweed as foods we already know and love – seaweed pasta, bacon, wraps and bread – we have managed to do what no one has done before: to get (normal) people to eat seaweed. Key in this? Product development. That’s where you come in.

Sea the numbers

  • 8: countries
  • 1000: retail POSs
  • 100: Ho.Re.Ca locations
  • 1.000.000: portions of seaweed brought onto people’s plates
  • 5: seaweirdos at the office
  • 4: nationalities in the team
  • 12: awards for taste, innovation and sustainability

Sea your mission

To make seaweed an everyday food, it needs to get close to food we already know and love. Seamore has developed products under its own brand and is now also starting to develop products for/with other brands. In most cases, we develop a seaweed-based prototype in a certain category and then decide whether it could be a product under our own brand or for another brand. The prototype we develop in our test kitchen, sometimes using external (specialized) parties. The prototype is then pitched to either a production company or another brand. With either one – if the pitch is successful – we finetune the recipe and production process. You:

  • Cook. Create prototypes of new seaweed-based products & finetune development with a production partner or brand we create the product for.
  • Invent. Develop or find, adapt novel (seaweed) processing technologies. As an example, to create dough-based products, we developed a special seaweed pulp that integrates with flour to create a magnificent seaweed dough. Alternatively, think extrusion, texturing to create a seaweed-based fish alternative.
  • Produce. Design for and source scalable production, manage quality and safety.
  • Lead. Find and manage resources such as interns and technology partners.

There’s no senior product developer or R&D director. Product development is YOU. But of course, you will work together with others. With Marketing, to create ideas, concepts for new products that will work in the market. With Sales, to make sure our products can sell. With existing and future production partners, to create our products. With universities, institutions and labs, with every kind of expert that we might need.
Part of your challenge is to do all of the above without having a permanent lab at Seamore HQ.

Sea who you are

  • Bachelor or Masters in the field of Food Sciences, specifically Food Technology, Food Science and Nutrition.
  • 1 to 4 years of hands-on experience through projects, internships and employment Broad experience with product formulation, labelling, nutrition, safety & quality, food processing, sourcing, production, food safety, flavoring
  • Bonus: knowledge, experience in novel food processing techniques such as extrusion, texturing, meat replacements, texturized plant proteins, use of seaweed in food.
  • Knowledge in the area of sustainable sourcing, ecological footprint of food.
  • Work experience in a startup, scaleup or fast-moving company
  • Passionate about cooking, creating great food
  • You are a great networker.
  • You know how to find any piece of knowledge available to mankind.
  • Know how to connect to any person that might help you.
  • Basic understanding of business processes, marketing.
  • Very good understanding of English, bonus for other languages...

Sea what you get

  • A lot of responsibility and the space to try out things, make mistakes, learn & improve at great speed and with great purpose.
  • The opportunity to stretch yourself in any possible direction and help shape a company!
  • Working in line with our core values: “eat yourself happy, act bravely, drive transformation, go from good to great and get unstuck”.
  • A fast pace start-up environment where every day will be different
  • A cool Amsterdam office with a highly motivated team of seaweirdo’s
  • A chance to help change the world of food forever!

To apply for this position, send an email to [email protected] ; don´t forget to attach your CV and cover letter.