Seaweed Pasta - the (Retro) Sixpack (6x100g)


I sea pasta – The Retro Sixpack! A natural handpicked and organic seaweed tagliatelle pasta fresh from the coast of Ireland — I sea pasta is a whole food; gluten free, vegan, organic, low carb, sustainable and delicious! Don’t forget about the high fiber, unsaturated fats (2 grams!) and contains around 0,2 grams of omega 3 per pack.

Get the daily intake of nutrients from the superfood I sea pasta, it’s good for you and for the planet! It is a fresh sea vegetable ready to be used as pasta, veggies or creatively anything in between. Cook with any kind of sauces, you will be amazed by the taste!

Note: Per pack of I sea pasta you get 100 grams of dried seaweed, soak it in water will give you about 500 grams of sea veggies. This package of six holds enough seaweed for days ahead.

Cooking guide I sea pasta:

Did you know how to cook I sea pasta? If you don’t, you can check this video and learn how to prepare the perfect I sea pasta, then you can eat yourself happy!

We are selling the old pack again but don’t worry, the pasta inside is new! The new packaging should come back soon…


The ocean as our farm. That’s Seamore’s vision for a healthy and sustainable future of our food. Seaweed grows without using any scarce resources – land, fresh water – and brings fantastic benefits in nutrition and flavor. The Seastainable logo represents this amazing story.
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5 reviews for Seaweed Pasta – the (Retro) Sixpack (6x100g)

  1. Katrien Westendorp (verified owner)

    very tasty

  2. Kaya (store manager)

    Bedankt voor je review. Wij adviseren altijd om de zeewier pasta te gebruiken in elk gerecht waarin je normaal ook pasta zou gebruiken, de ingrediënten zijn dan herkenbaar, je vervangt alleen de pasta van deeg voor de zeewier pasta. We zijn ons er ook van bewust dat onze pasta wat kostbaarder is dan de meeste soorten pasta, maar ons product is 100% biologisch, duurzaam geoogst zeewier. Als er in de toekomst ruimte voor is door een grotere vraag, zal de prijs zeker verlaagd kunnen worden.

  3. Anton Lith (verified owner)

    Je moet er mee leren koken; ook wel relatief duur

  4. Henk-Jan Dolsma (verified owner)

    I’m a fan for already quite some time.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Still great!

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