Seaweed for Breakfast: Recipe Ideas

Seaweed for breakfast? It’s easier and tastier than you’d imagine. Check out our favorite healthy and delicious seaweed recipe ideas for breakfast, created by our talented Seaweirdos. From seaweed breakfast wraps to upgraded toast, the sky’s the limit when it comes to seaweed breakfast recipes.

6 different type of toasts with different flavors of seaweed chips as a topping
i sea chips

I sea Seaweed Chips toasts

Craving a fancy breakfast or brunch ? Make these easy Seaweed Chips toasts with your favorite toppings! We made the following combinations:

– Mushrooms with Surfin’ Sweet Chili
– Tomato & Artichokes with Original
– Eggs with Spicy Sushi

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I sea wraps

I sea (plant-based) quesadilla with spinach

Looking for a healthier lunch option? Try these grilled seaweed wraps with melted (plant-based) cheese and spinach! We love to serve the quesadilla with a fresh tomato salsa. However, you can also serve the wrap with sweet chili sauce!

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A brown club sandwich on a wooden plate with seaweed chips
i sea chips

I sea club sandwich

Who is ready for the weekend ?

Treat yourself with this delicious brunch/lunch recipe packed with amazing ingredients and a crunchy twist.

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