I sea (plant-based) green pesto pasta

I sea (plant-based) green pesto pasta

We like the fancy look and the easy preparation. This homemade green pesto, spaghetti, tomatoes and crunchy seaweed bacon make a great dish! A perfect family dinner, that will be loved by everyone.

By Julie Kreis from @seaweed.adventure 

Julie Kreis
Julie Kreis@seaweed.adventure Read More

"My 2 young sons love this pasta dish with crunchy seaweed bacon."
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For the pesto:

Green Pesto Preparation

Put the parsley, almonds or sunflower seeds with oil, lemon juice and some salt in a small food blender. Mix until it is a smooth paste, add some more oil or water and seeds if needed.

Cook the spaghetti following the packaging instructions and serve this on your plate. Prepare the seaweed bacon following the packaging instructions. Add the pesto, bacon, tomatoes to your plate. Enjoy!? 

You need the following product to prepare this dish:

seaweed bacon

Get it !

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