Chili sin carne with seaweed chips

By Roos Glows from @roosglows

Roos Glows
Roos Glows@roosglows
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“These chips are amazing, especially in combination with this chili sin carne”
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1 paprika
½ leek
½ eggplant
3 tomatoes
200g (vegan) minced meat
50g kidney beans
50g chickpeas
50g peas
2 small onions
Spices to taste (like paprika powder, chili, garlic, cumin and turmeric)
Seamore’s seaweed chips


Heat up a pan with some oil. Once the pan is heated, prepare the onions. After a while you can add the garlic. Then all of the vegetables. Once the vegetables are nearly done, add the (vegan) minced meat. For the last minutes, you can add the beans and chickpeas. When the beans are warm you top the dish with the spices and turn off the heat. You can use some spinach as the base of the bowl and of course don’t forget your #greennachos on the side. Enjoy!💚

You need the following product to prepare this dish:

Seaweed chips

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