I sea cheesy tortellini

By Lieke Boerema from @dutchfoodheritage

Lieke Boerema
Lieke Boerema@dutchfoodheritage
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"Delicious and light comfort food. In order to make this stock more savory, I added some Seaweed Bacon."
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Soup Ingredients

250g cheese tortellini

10g Seamore’s Seaweed Bacon 

80g brussels sprouts


Stock Ingredients

4 carrots

2 onions

2 celery sticks

1 garlic clove

1 bay leaf

10 peppercorns

6 sundried tomatoes

1 tsp salt

2 tbsp ketchup


  • Cut the onions, carrots and celery sticks in even parts. Crush the clove of garlic and cut it in slices.
  • Heat some olive oil in the cooking pot and add the chopped vegetables. Bake these until the onion is glossy.
  • Add the other stock ingredients and add 1,5 liter water. Bring this all to a boil and let it cook for about 1 hour.
  • In the meanwhile, you can clean and cut the Brussels sprouts in slices. Feel free to add any other type of vegetables that you have at home. 
  • Sieve the stock by pouring it through a fine sieve. Taste the stock and add any additional flavorings or seasoning.
  • Bring the sieved stock to a boil. Whenever it cooks, add the Brussels sprouts and tortellini. Cook the pasta as long as described on the package. Add the seaweed bacon the last minute of the cooking time.
  • To make sure the pasta doesn’t overcook, it’s best to serve the soup immediately 🙂 Enjoy!

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