I sea chips with pea-based guacamole and tomato salsa

If you're looking for an easy vegan chip dip, we have two for you! We're especially excited about guacamole with a twist. This dip is based on peas instead of the classic avocado, creating a protein rich and healthy spread. Perfect in combination with the fresh tomato salsa and of course Seaweed Chips.

By Lieke Boerema from @dutchfoodheritage

Lieke Boerema
Lieke Boerema@dutchfoodheritage Read More

"These chips make it almost healthy to eat tasty chips ?."
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Seamore's Seaweed Chips

For the sweet pea dip

200 g frozen peas

¼ jalapeño or more for a spicier version

Bunch of chives

3 tbsp lime juice

4 tbsp olive oil

For the fresh tomato salsa

200 g cherry tomatoes

½ clove of garlic

½ onion


1 tbsp lime juice

2 tbsp of olive oil

Chip Dip Preparation

Sweet pea dip

Cook the peas for about 2 minutes or until hot. In the meantime, you can finely chop the chives and jalapeño. Once the peas are cooked, you can drain them. Puree the peas with the chives, jalapeño, salt, pepper, lime juice & olive oil.

Tomato salsa

For the salsa you can choose whether to use the blender or chop all the ingredients. I personally like to use a fine grater to crush the garlic. Season the salsa by adding some salt, pepper, lime juice & olive oil.

Serve the nachos with the two dips and enjoy!?

You need the following product to prepare this dish:

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