I sea Tofu & Green Bean Chili

Let's stack up veggies today! How about this delicious Tofu & Great Bean chili ? We promise you, you won't miss a thing. Mexican flavors, crunchiness and a fresh dressing. Serve as a lunch or light dinner.

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I sea smoked salmon and cream cheese wraps

In this recipe there is no cooking involved — you just assemble the ingredients and have an awesome and healthy breakfast ready in just 10 minutes!

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I sea Ultimate Seaweed Burger

It is always burger time. Make your burger a lot tastier, healthier and sustainable this way. No need to feel any guilt after eating this Seaweed Burger.

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I sea Easy Sushi Bake

This sushi bake is everything you love about sushi in a recipe that you can easily follow at home. This sushi dish is flavorful, delicious with creamy spicy crab mayo and a crunchy Seaweed Chips topping! 

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I sea pumpkin pasta

This pumpkin pasta recipe is perfect for colder (autumn) days, you only need a few ingredients and it's ready in no time.

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I sea Fava Bean Stew

This is one of our favorite recipes of the middle eastern kitchen. Usually served with bread. but we love to use Seaweed Chips for crunch, taste and extra nutrients.

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I sea plant-based carbonara

The ultimate Healthy Comfort food: a plant-based carbonara pasta. We combined the Seaweed Pasta with a super creamy sauce and added crunchy bacon on top. Don't wait any longer and get cooking! 

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I sea crunchy fried chicken

KFC got nothing on us. We made a tastier and healthier version of their famous crunchy fried chicken. This is the perfect comfort food and easy to make. 

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I sea Fish Burger Plate

Plant-based eating is becoming more and more common. And no, plant-based is really not just lettuce. This plant-based Japanese fish burger with Seaweed Chips proves that. Enjoy the sustainable, healthy fish burger of the future!

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I sea Ruga Maro

Τhe translation of the dish is red sea and if you take a look at the pictures you will understand the reason why. The first reason is the prevalence of the red color. The second reason is its high salt content, as in the red sea we can float on its surface due to the salt. Seaweed Bacon is added for the ultimate crunch. 

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